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Story of the choir
In July 1995 Rev Basil Meade of the London Community Gospel Choir visited The School of St David and St Katharine to run 2 Gospel workshops during the school’s Activity Week.
These workshops were very successful and because the Year 10 students had been out on work experience and missed the opportunity we held another workshop in October .  The workshop ended with a concert to the new Year 7 students.
Having realised that we had so much talent within the school we then tried to find someone who could help us establish a choir as an extra curricular activity running mostly during lunch times with some rehearsals after school.  Three young gentlemen , Jason Booth, Solomon Facey and Sam Lynch came to discuss this venture with me and a fourth person Shean Roberts joined us a couple of weeks later.  
Within a month the choir had approx. 100 members.The choir was born and this site records some of the people that were involved and the experiences that we shared.
We are indebted to the help and hard work that our directors have given to us and also the many artists and friends of the choir who have come along to support and encourage us and who gave freely of their time to sing in some of our concerts.  
The choir were also generously support by the Greig Trust who enabled us to buy our own instruments and PA system.
Name: D&K Gospel Choir
Age: 11 years old
Birthday: October 1996
School: The School of St David and St Katharine, Hornsey, London N8
Rev Basil Meadehttp://www.unitedbyone.co.uk/Publisher/Article.aspx?id=37234http://www.unitedbyone.co.uk/Publisher/Article.aspx?id=37234shapeimage_6_link_0