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Mr Farrell’s presentation
For those of you who don’t know The Diocese of Westminster decided to award Mr Farrell a Diocesen Medal for services to education.  The service was scheduled for 18th February at St Joan of Arc Church in Islington and Mr Farrell’s wife asked if some members of the gospel choir could sing during the service.  This was an important occasion for the choir to perform in especially in the light of Mr Farrell being unwell.
I attempted to get in touch with as many old Choir members through Friends Reunited, Hi 5 and myspace.com, several members agreed to attend with Shean Roberts playing the keyboard.
The picture above shows the choir and Shean with Mr Farrell , the Bishop and Mayor of Islington, Ann McHardy (Mr Farrell’s wife) and their daughter Katie.  It was great to see everyone and when they sang it reminded me of the many lunchtime rehearsals in the School Hall.
After the service there was a reception in the Primary school next door when the choir continued to entertain Mr Farrell and parishioners.
To all those who attended, many thanks, I am forever in your debt.
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Sunday, 18 February 2007
Event: Mr Farrell’s presentation